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Director’s Note

The Dynamic growth of Singapore Economic in the past decade, saw a lot of businesses setup and wound down here. Every year multi-million dollars of debt had been written off, due to without an effective channel of recovering the rightful debts within the legal jurisdiction. Hence, Legal Debt Collection Agency saw its lawful function in assisting individuals and corporates to recover their hard earn money.

In KX-Unit, we acknowledge the business climate demands an utmost Professional and Effective Debt Recovery operates within the local Law Jurisdiction.

As the 3rd Generation Operators of the industry, having incorporate educated professionals together with effective traditional collection methods, we exercise maximise efficiency and momentum in an intensive recovering process on the debtors.

We would constantly strive to maintain the most effective yet appropriate collection methods that best serve the public interest.

Winston Chin
Case Consultant and Director of KX-Unit and Associates Pte Ltd

Our People

Maintaining the firm looks is not only the key essentials of debt collection process, knowledge and ground-skills are the critical elements towards a successful recovery.

Our Collection officer have to go through all 3 basic training:

  • Basic Industry Related Laws
  • Temperamental Reconditioning
  • Dynamic Negotiation

And using of technological gadgets, to transmit crucial information from the ground and executes effective negotiations

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