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Anti-Scam Consultancy

Ever heard of Extremely High Yield/Returns on your Investment within a mere few months of locked-in period? Have you encountered proposals too good to be true?

Have you been fazed by a complicated transaction of investment but without proper records by the trustee?

If yes, then you should probably seek professional advice before proceeding with your investment plan.

The abovementioned are the few tell-tale signs of suspected scam activity.

At KX-Unit, we assist our clients, both individuals and corporate entities, to do in-depth assessments, especially on dubious individuals and companies, so that our clients can better evaluate the credibility of the investment.

Anti-Scam Consultancy Assessment Rubric:

  • Business/Corporate Assessment
  • Property/Assets Assessment
  • Credit/Financial Assessment
  • Contractual/Agreement Assessment
  • Other forms of assessment upon request

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