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Claims & Dispute Management

With an ever increasingly complex business environment that often involve multiple parties, it is not surprising that even the best managed businesses can have claims that may evolve into disputes unless effectively managed. These are claims and disputes that are difficult to establish and recover with conventional Debt Collection methods.

Generally, for business projects to continue to be effective, the Management needs to have a strategic and tactical thinking, to avoid the effects of dispute. Unfortunately, there are inevitable cases where competing claims from multiple parties turn into a situation of dispute. Some of these disputes have been undertaken using Debt Collection methods, which may not be the most effective or favourable method for clients.

As a Debt Collection Agency, KX-Unit have the privileged exposure to an extensive range of industries, with in-depth perspectives on operational and financial aspects of a company. We have also negotiated with a diverse group of debtors from multiple industries. The complexity of the cases we have handled ranged from recovery of Personal Debts to Corporate Debts. However, some of these Debt Collection cases remain difficult to resolve because of the ambiguity of disputed claims, especially among business entities.

Therefore, on top of the conventional Debt Collection services, KX-Unit saw the need to provide professional and niche service in Claims and

Anti-Scam Consultancy Assessment Rubric:

  • Assessment of the Case and potential of claim issues arising
  • Advising on Alternative support requirements to effectively manage claims
  • Strategic On-Site Negotiations
  • Recommendation and drafting of settlement agreements
  • Assistance in the preparation of legal documentation/proof/evidence and fact-gathering.
  • Review of project documentation and advice on claim, entitlement and strategy
  • Strategize in preparation and engagement of dialogues and discussions
  • Providing assistance in producing and maintaining critical project data and records for claim substantiation

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