In this week’s Debtor’s Spotlight, KX-unit will be sharing a romantically related case. Our client is a lady in her 40s, while the debtor is a married man in his 40s. The debtor is a married man with children. Our client first got to know the debtor at a business conference. As both of them are business owners, they initially saw potential for business collaboration and partnership. Their interactions slowly evolved into a romantic relationship. Little did our client know, then, that the debtor was in this for her money. In fact, the debtor hid his marital status from our client and continued his charming tactics on her – which explains our title.
The debtor has a few businesses, most of which were conceived and supported by our client. He has managed to use our client’s business network to source for investment and in some sense our client has become a vouching voice for him, whether or not she was kept in the loop.

During the time they were together, our client would support him with whatever amount he needed. This continued throughout the time they were together, until our client came to a realization that he was not actually in love with her. In fact, he may well be out to fool her. It was from then that our client requested that the debtor provide an acknowledgement that he took money from her, and that acknowledgement should show how much was taken.
While the debtor was not sincere or true about the relationship, he did agree to our client’s request initially and eventually provided a working sum of $200,000. This was the sum that was taken from our client, and the sum that he would return the money in installment.

For the past one year, the debtor has made some payment month by month. He pays about $1000 to $2000 to our client. As such, there is still a sum of about $180,000 that remains to be returned. Realizing the amount of time it will take for the debtor to repay, and hoping to get this ordeal behind her, our client agreed to waive half of the initial sum and told the debtor that he only needed to pay half of the $100,000.

When he heard this, the debtor immediately agreed but said that he would not be signing any document. In other words, all that our client had was some Whatsapp messages as a proof, without any IOUs or agreement. But at this point we would question: why was he unwilling to sign a document that states that he only needs to pay back half of the sum he owes? This was supposed to be good news for him, but his actions raises some question. How long did he intend to take to pay off the entire debt by installment if he was paying a one to two thousand dollars a month? Was he even sincere about following through with the payment if it meant that it would take years? If he was sincere, why would be flatly refuse to sign an agreement that was to his benefit?

Perhaps the only reason was that he had no intention of fully repaying the sum. Payment by installment was a stalling tactic. After all, a sum of one to two thousand dollars for a business owner like himself was not exactly a challenge.
KX-Unit advised our client that without an IOU or agreement, this case would become a Claims and Dispute Management. Nonetheless, we represented our client to engage the debtor to seek negotiation for our client’s best interest. The debtor was informed of our involvement and he initially signaled his intent to negotiate with us. In fact, he set up the first meeting with us at our office saying that he had “confidential” information to pass to us. He even requested that our Senior Negotiator personally negotiated with him.

However, on the actual day of the meeting, he denied everything. He denied that he owed our client money or that he took any loan amount from her. In fact, he turned the tables around and claimed that our client owed him money! This was supposedly the confidential information that he was referring to. In view of his claims, our senior negotiator calmly asked him for proof that our client did owe him money. After all, the purpose of our meet up was to clarify and have a mutually stable ground for a settlement. However, he was unable to provide any information. In other words, he was making baseless claims either to stall the development of the case or to simply not cooperate.

Just before we agreed to have a second meeting to have another round of negotiation, he served a lawyer letter to us for our client in our office. While we fully respect his right to serve to pursue the matter with legal means, we find his actions and intention highly doubtful and suspect. From getting with our client for his business, to paying by disproportionate installments, to not agreeing to sign an agreement for a discounted debt, to calling us to personally speak to our senior negotiator, to actually sitting down with us to negotiate before nonchalantly throwing the lawyer letter at the table (when he could have mailed the letter to our client). It almost appears as if the debtor was orchestrating a grand show so he can enter with pomp and leave in style. And obviously these would tell us a lot about this person’s character, his disposition and his tactics. This egotistic charm that he sought to feed was eventually clear to all parties.

As the case is on going, we continue to provide our client with necessary guidelines and procedures before she decides her next course of action. At KX-Unit we believe strongly in the principles behind what we do. At a particular place and time, within our means, and in our own ways we will continue to uphold the professionalism and integrity of our work in getting our client’s best interest. Our service extends even beyond our operations for our client. KX-Unit will continue to remain fully committed and support the consultative needs of our client.

KX-Unit remains true and committed to our principles and creed. We service with utmost professionalism and integrity for the best interest of our client. We train our staffs and negotiators to be mission focused and alert. Our service does not stop even when a case has taken a new turn. We at KX-Unit pursue the principles behind what we do for our client, and we will provide that after support for our client to achieve their best interest. The many cases that KX-Unit has undertaken have provided us with the procedural foresight that could be time-critical for our client. Feel free to contact KX-Unit at +65 6291 3656 or +65 8112 7790 or drop us a mail at if you have any quries about the above case or about the services we offer. You can also visit our website at


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