When it came to our second visit, we brought in our senior negotiator. Once again, it did not matter that the debt amount was small. We stick to our principle and values. These are the factors that guide our vision and purpose at KX-Unit.
But the debtor was not at home to receive us. Even though the debtor’s wife was at home, they chose to send their son (about 14-15 years old in secondary school) to come to the door. Making the teenager talk to us was possibly one of their tactics to evade us.

But the teen is innocent. Our negotiators told him that he might not be familiar with the issue; after all it is his father’s responsibility. We asked him what he was doing prior, and he said he was doing his homework. Our negotiators then tried to explain that this is ultimately his father’s responsibility, and we appreciate his courage for answering the door, but this issue would require his father’s approval. After awhile, he helped us to call his father and passed the phone to us.
The debtor was clearly under the influence of alcohol. He asserted loudly that under the law he does not need to pay. And we agreed, under personal liability, he doesn’t need to pay. But as a company director he should at least provide us with an indication of how the company is going to make repayment on the debt.

He then suddenly said that he would be coming home immediately. Our negotiators told him we would be ready to wait for him for negotiation. However, the law enforcement entities came after 10 minutes instead. Since we had a rightful purpose, we introduced and explained ourselves professionally, providing the law enforcement officers with our digital sources of information regarding the case for their perusal. We cooperated and reiterated that we had a job and duty to do.
The debtor came back 10 minutes later and we can smell the stench of alcohol lurking. The smell was so strong that it became clear to us that any negotiation would not be fruitful – we do not want the debtor to make any hasty promise under the influence, it is not fair to him and to our client. So we told the law enforcement officers that we would cease the negotiations immediately. The officers on-site affirmed the call.

The situation was getting a little more volatile – the debtor even brought 5 other people along with him. We were unsure of his intent, but again, for a $150 debt he was not being very rational. When we were about to leave, they demanded that the law enforcement entities get our particulars and give it to them on the spot (the debtor and his friends). But nevertheless that the officers were under no pressure from them and retained their moral high ground and position – they reminded the debtor that only if they decided to pursue a court case or the relevant Police Investigation Officer can have our negotiator particulars, and that they will protect the rights of every citizen.

We made clear again that day that we will take up the negotiation again another day. That was where another guy (who was not even part of the company) came up and challenged us to “look for him outside”.
And so it is clear, that although this is a small debt amount, it can still be quite challenging. Especially if the debtor is not cooperative or inclined towards constructive negotiation.

But through this we hope to highlight that KX-Unit is always serious about our creed and principles. We pursue all our client’s interest with persistence and professionalism. We do our groundwork and homework to achieve the best for our client on-site. We train our negotiators to meet the most grueling of debtors and situations. And we believe in improving and developing systems and processes for mission success. Our recent operationalization of digital sources is testament to that commitment.
KX-Unit has done and will continue to serve our client’s best interest with that verve and determination. If you have any queries on the services we offer, please do feel free to contact KX-Unit at +65 8112 7790 or drop us a mail at and we will be most willing to assist. You can also visit our website at


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