In this week’s Debtor’s Spotlight, we will be sharing an on-going case from our client. This case is PART of a series of construction-related cases that our client has engaged KX-Unit for, and we were able to achieve economies of scale in taking up the case despite the small debt amount of $150.

Some may find it ridiculous to collect a $150 debt. In fact, most of us would be wondering why the debtor is not willing to even make effort to solve that rather small debt.
In anyway, KX-Unit has taken this case with fairness and we keep our standards and quality consistent for all the case. Whether the case is $150, or $1500, or $15000, or $150000, or $1500000 it all does not matter. When our client asked if we can take on this case, we took on the case not as an obligation but as a commitment.

Our staffs at KX-Unit stand by our creed: Never Falter, Never Capitulate. Our promise to remain professional and our commitment to providing a quality service is highlighted in this case so much more.
The $150 is used to buy construction materials, and is the remaining part of a debt that the debtor’s company has left unpaid. KX-Unit’s has initiated a few engagements with the debtor thus far – 2 visits and multiple calls of negotiation for amicable settlement, and counting.

Despite being one of the lowest amounts that we have had to recover, the staffs at KX-Unit treat the case with utmost seriousness and professionalism. The debtor receives the Letter of Demand behalf of our client on the first visit.
When he received the letter, the debtor asked why did we send him the letter to his residence and not to his office, since this was a business related issue. Our staffs were mildly surprised by his calm but condescending tone, but we also expected such a response.
Our admin branch has pumped up critical information so that we can digitally assess them, and we used our information to show the debtor that under ACRA he is registered as a director. He then insisted that business issues should not be sent to his house.

But again, according to our research, the debt that the particular company owes is registered but not situated at the particular address as he claimed. He then tried to further retorted by saying that there are 3 other directors, not just him. So we showed him that his name was listed first in the line of register directors of the company. And that as a director he has a responsibility to inform the other directors of the company about the case and to provide an indication of how the debt is to be settled by the company.
He was clearly taken aback by the negotiators’ preparedness. And this is something the staffs at KX-Unit do not compromise on, doing good groundwork will provide crucial upper hand in a negotiation. With our company’s digitization of operation and administration, such information has been harnessed for better synergy too.

It was then that he threatened to call for law enforcement entities, hoping to deflect our negotiators away. But we professionally reiterated that our professional duty was to initiate and engage a discussion to recover the debt amicably, and that he is entitled to his rights should he require the assistance of any law enforcement entities. Our body camera is testament to our moral high ground in the situation.

At this point, he lost his patience and he said: “I will not pay this debt. We owe 1.5 million, what makes you think I will pay your $150?” Such a statement is telling – of a person’s principles and character. Because owing 1.5 million dollars does not absolve your responsibility as a company director, regardless of the sum. In fact, we found our during our second visit that he drives a brand new top of the range Lexus, a luxurious sedan arguably on par with the BMW 7 Series or Mercedes S-Class. His reasoning just didn’t make sense.

And so we continued to bring the negotiation to the table, steering it closer than ever to a settlement. But he mocked us – he mocked the debt collectors and their families. He said: “I really admire you. It’s only $150 and you’re all willing to come down… I really respect you… so much honor for your family”.

Once again, we will highlight that our staffs are like anyone out there. Doing a proper and legit job. For their families and their loved ones. But if the debtor chooses to see the staffs at KX-Unit as any less, we cannot stop him. Yet, we will never mock people who do their job in a down to earth manner – regardless of their race, nationality, disability, etc.
As the story unfolds on the case, we will be sharing the second part of the article on our next post.

But through this we hope to highlight that KX-Unit is always serious about our creed and principles. We pursue all our client’s interest with persistence and professionalism. We do our groundwork and homework to achieve the best for our client on-site. We train our negotiators to meet the most grueling of debtors and situations. And we believe in improving and developing systems and processes for mission success. Our recent operationalization of digital sources is testament to that commitment.

KX-Unit has done and will continue to serve our client’s best interest with that verve and determination. If you have any queries on the services we offer, please do feel free to contact KX-Unit at +65 8112 7790 or drop us a mail at and we will be most willing to assist. You can also visit our website at


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