A special message by our Director, Winston Chin, on KX-Unit 1 year anniversary.

1st July 2015, is the faithful date where a group of people from all walks of life and of different backgrounds and skills, came together under KX-Unit to serve an important purpose for the local economy.

Setting up a business/company is easy, if you were to just focus on revenue/profitability or even just money. But building an organisation with a sense of belonging, purpose and a focus on benefitting the society would never be easy. I’m glad KX-Unit has transformed from a 1-man business, into a start-up company, and into a young organization within a span of 1 year period. To a lot of fellow business owners and the public, this may appear to be a rather quick transformation and growth on the company. Indeed it is, but a lot of hard work had also been put in by the staff of KX-Unit who believe in the course of recovery of our client’s hard-earn money, and also the trust and support given by the public. I, Winston Chin, would like to express our utmost gratitude to the 3 groups of supporters that have been an encouragement to our meaningful purpose and mission.

Customers are the fundamentals of every organization, without customers, businesses would not be able to survive. But in this current challenging economic and the constraints facing the Debt Recovery industry, it is not easy to maintain customer focus. In this challenging first year for a young organisation like KX-Unit, we have managed to help a lot of businesses to recover their hard-earn money. But at the same time we acknowledge that there were minority number of cases that we are unable to crack despite maximum effort. In such scenario, we might face clients that blame us for not being able to succeed in their expectation, and at the same time we also have clients that appreciate our utmost effort. For such situation, I would like to apologize if we are unable to devise the best of strategy at that moment to resolve the case. Nevertheless, no matter how aggravated the situation might be, we would in still in our heart with the motto of “NEVER FALTER NEVER CAPITULATE”.

Working in a Debt Collection Industry will always stay as a challenge, as every case is unique and at times highly complex. From the Sales Consultant who goes out of his way to understand the needs of the client and advise them with integrity, to the administrative support who facilitates the strong communication and preparation for the company’s day to day activities, to the MARCOM Officers whom maintain good publicity for public understanding and engagement, to the operation Negotiators who braves through the storm for our clients. The staffs of KX-Unit, each performing its unique set of responsibility and commitment not just for the company and also for its customers. I would like to thank every staff who contributed their best of effort. “Without you guys, I’m just Winston. But with you guys, I’m KX-Unit” Thank you for all the support and effort, with your endless contributions of effort, it gives the management the greatest capability to achieve its growth. Let us work closer than ever, to conquer greater heights, and to serve more people in need.

Family, Friends and Associates
Debt Recovery is a niche industry in Singapore, and the general public would probably not have much encounters with the industry. Nevertheless, a lot of people have misunderstandings about Professional Debt Recovery, which requires varying methods of negotiations to attain a win-win situation for all parties. As such, a lot of Friends, Associates and family members are usually quite sceptical at the start of hearing our work. But as days goes by, with strong effort and hard work put in, we deliver results and assist different businesses and individuals to recover their hard-earn money. People acknowledge the positive productivity achieved by us, which is a heartening recognition and affirmation of our endless efforts. I wish to thank the Family Members and Friend and Associates of KX-Unit staffs, for placing faith in them and giving them the support they need to perform in their course of duty and work. Your faith in KX-Unit Staff is their strong pillar of support against their daily challenges.
At this moment, we are happy to achieve some positive results within our 1st year mark, but at KX-Unit, we know this is just the beginning of everything. We would continue to strive on and deliver the best of effort to assist all our clients. And once again, a BIG, THANK YOU.

Winston Chin
KX-Unit and Associates Pte Ltd


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