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Corporate Debt Collection

As a Professional Debt Collection Agency, all our Debt Collection Officers have the basic knowledge of Business Laws, and our Debt Collection Officers are trained to negotiate effectively with the relevant business documentation and proof of debts.

A crucial factor for a successful Corporate Debt Collection is the critical information on the intended debtor, such as his/her whereabouts, address, financial situation, etc.

We adopt a highly customised approach to strategise our Corporate Debt Collection efforts for the best interest of our clients.

Personal Debt Collection

A Personal Debt Collection effort is targeted at clients who may have extended a personal loan, be it to relatives, partners, associates, etc. usually out of goodwill, only to realise that the loan amount is not duly returned.

Our Debt Collection Officers are trained to deal with difficult debtors, even those who may try to evade our Debt Collection efforts. We maintain our professionalism as Debt Colellection Officers and protect the interests of our clients.

Similar to our Corporate Debt Collection efforts, we adopt a customised and in-depth Debt Collection approach according to the needs of our clients, and devise a strategic manner to recover the debt.

Debt Collection Protocol:

  • Assessment of Debt/Proof/Evidence
  • Advisory on any unfavourable or potential contractual terms/scenarios
  • Strategic Planning on Case Engagement
  • Dynamic Negotiation Process

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