Personal Debt Collection

A Personal Debt Collection effort is targeted at clients who may have extended a personal loan, be it to relatives, partners, associates, etc. usually out of goodwill, only to realise that the loan amount is not duly returned.

Our Singapore Debt Collectors are trained to deal with difficult debtors, even those who may try to evade our Debt Collection efforts. We maintain our professionalism as Debt Collection Officers and protect the interests of our clients.

Similar to our Corporate Debt Collection efforts, we adopt a customised and in-depth Debt Collection approach according to the needs of our clients, and devise a strategic manner to recover the debt.

Tell Tale Sign when your friend / family members is not paying their loan from you.

1. The Debtor Has Been Disorganized From The Start

Has the Debtor been disrupted from the second you’ve met them? You know, being flaky with regards to correspondence, putting together an irresolute clarification of the debt, and for the most part being everywhere.

This isn’t simply baffling while at the same time taking a shot at a task, it’s a really decent sign that they’re not going to take care of your tab since it’s either been lost, incidentally discarded, or they’ve so fatigued that they’ve totally overlooked it.

2. There’s a Lack of Communication

When’s the last time that you gotten notification from the debtor? In the event that it’s been weeks/months, at that point that is rarely a decent sign.

In the event that they don’t react to your messages or calls in an ideal way at that point they’re no doubt avoiding you since they realize that you’re attempting to follow them down for an installment.

3. You Don’t Have a Contract

The reddest of banners is most likely when a debtor will not sign an agreement. Keep in mind, this composed understanding simply doesn’t clarify the extent of the venture and how you hope to be paid, it can likewise be utilized for your potential benefit in the event that you choose to make legitimate move against the non-paying debtor.

4. The Debtor Only Wants To Pay With a Check

Its an obvious fact that in the event that you need to get paid quicker, at that point you have to acknowledge various kinds of installments from money to charge cards to Bitcoin. Yet, on the off chance that you have a customer who requests that they pay you with a check implies that they could be inconvenience.

Not at all like charge cards, which you could keep on document for repeating installments, paper checks enable the customer to set up their own elegance period or continue composing awful checks.

5. “The check/payment is on the way” or “Send me the receipt once more.” These are the kind of reactions that you’ll get notification from miscreant customers who have no goal of paying you. They’re simply giving you a lot of meaningless evasion so you can ease up for a brief period since you can’t demonstrate something else.

6. The Last Check Bounced

In my initial days as a specialist, I acknowledged a check from a customer. It bobbed. They said there was a misunderstanding at the bank and sent me another check. Prepare to have your mind blown. That check bobbed as well. Exercise learned.

While there could be a mistake very rarely on the off chance that the last watch that a customer sent you skiped, at that point that is a decent sign that they have no expectation of paying your receipt. In the event that you haven’t saw at this point, it’s presumably a smart thought for you to move away from paper checks and acknowledge installments that will really process.

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